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Commercial property makes up a substantial portion of your company’s asset portfolio. Over time, even small industrial buildings increase substantially in value, while large commercial structures can yield capital gains that vastly increase the company’s market value. Such a valuable investment needs protection, and one of the most effective ways to maintain and increase a building’s value is through the installation of a Duro-Last Fleece Membrane roofing system.

Duro-Last membrane roofing systems offer superior durability, weather protection and advanced “green” benefits.

They are also easier and less costly to install while not requiring business operations to be interrupted. In addition, Duro-Last offer warranties that are second to none. A Duro-Last Fleece membrane provides exceptional value.

What is a Fleece Membrane Roofing System?

A fleece membrane is a single-ply roofing system that can be applied over an existing roof that has begun to fail due to age or wear and tear. Re-covering an existing roof saves the cost of removing it while also saving time and money on the installation of the new roof.

A fleece membrane is better than other membranes when applied over abrasive surfaces, such as concrete or granule-surfaced membranes, because no protective sheet is needed. The fleece also allows for membrane installation over hot asphalt. Fleece Membranes can also be mechanically attached.

The Benefits of Fleece Membranes

Fleece membranes offer superior weather endurance because they are thicker and more stable versus other roofing systems. This is a particularly useful benefit for buildings located in climates subject to intense storm systems. The roofing system design specifically protect against hail, wind and punctures.

The installation of a Duro-Last Fleece Membrane also causes minimal noise and smell, a huge benefit when the property is open for business. Both property managers and business owners need to be concerned about the installation’s impact on business operations, and with a Duro-Last Fleece Membrane, disruptions are never a worry.

Thin membranes also make most roof tear offs unnecessary. Thin membranes tend to work best on flat or low-sloped surfaces. They are the ideal “main street” products that work perfectly for small businesses. In addition, hotels, shopping centers and warehouses also frequently use thinner membranes, as do many industrial properties, including manufacturing facilities and processing plants.

Thick membranes have universal applicability, but they are more popular for larger properties, such as schools, universities, hospitals and museums.


New roofing can take a big bite out of any business’s- or investor’s budget, but a worn-out roof presents a hazard that must be rectified. Duro-Last’s Fleece Membrane provides the durability you need to get your money’s worth. By installing a Duro-Last roofing system, you are assured that a roof replacement remains many years away.

Energy Efficiency

The green economy continues to expand, and Duro-Last offers its fleece membrane as an energy efficient solution. Commercial buildings are high energy users and responsible for a large share of pollution. Duro-Last’s Fleece Membrane helps you control your energy bills and reduce your carbon footprints.

The Duro-Last Fleece Membrane comes with a reflective surface, which stops hot air from seeping into the building. Interiors stay cool and electric bills stay low.


Duro-Last’s Fleece Membranes provide more green benefits than energy savings. When the product’s useful life comes to an end, it does not end up in a landfill because it is 100% recyclable.

Warranties for Products That Last

Duro-Last Fleece Membranes offer unmatched durability, so the company is comfortable offering a best-in-industry warranty. All Duro-Last products come with a 15-year warranty. In addition, Duro-Last Fleece customers can opt for the Duro-Last Supreme or Duro-Last Ultra warranties. These warranties provide comprehensive coverage for wind, water and other weather-related damage.

Older flat-roofing methods offer few of the benefits of the Duro-Last Fleece Membrane roofing system. By opting for the Duro-Last Fleece Membrane, your building gains the tightest seal possible while you save money on installation costs. For building owners, a Duro-Last Fleece roofing system makes perfect business sense.

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