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Commercial roofing requires a different type of roofing. There’s a lot of commercial roofing options out there to protect your structure and keep it sealed and protected from the environments and not all commercial roofing options are created equal. There’s also a lot of research and work you should be doing before you dive into doing work with a commercial roofer. If you’re new to shopping for commercial roofing, we’ve got some guidelines and tips to follow.

There are a couple things you want to consider across the board when it comes to your options for commercial roofs.

They include, energy needs, the impact on the environment you’re having work done in, the quality of the product, price, and the materials in question. That’s a lot of factors to juggle and consider and it may be surprising to find that a roof is not just a roof. But we can help guide you through it.

Below is information about how to approach each of the above-mentioned facets of roofing to make the best decision.


Your roof plays a role in your energy bills, if heats escaping then you’ll be paying for the HVAC system constantly cycling. Make sure the roof meets the EPA Energy Star criteria. You may also have supplemental energy criteria depending on your state or region and could even qualify for certain tax benefits based on your roof’s energy rating.


We’re all trying to protect the planet. Your roof can help or hurt that cause. In addition to your EPA rating check to make sure the roofing material is recyclable, was the material produced in an environmentally friendly facility, does the manufacturer and installer have a post-consumer recycling program, and does the roof help promote good air quality in the building?


Does your manufacturer and installer have a good reputation and positive feedback from their customers? Check what they offer in after installation inspection and maintenance, what sort of promise they make for the roof’s lifespan, what accreditations and certificates the manufacturer and installers have, what sort of training they have their workers go through, and warranty options.


This isn’t just about what it costs to install the roof, though you want to make sure you’re getting a fair market price for install and labor costs. This I also about what the roof will cost you down the road. Is the material economic to maintain throughout its lifetime? What are the yearly estimated repair and upkeep costs? What will a warranty or continued maintenance cost you from the installer?


What exactly are you slapping on top of your building? Make sure the material is ideal for your climate and general weather patterns, ensure it has adequate design for run off of precipitation, seek out a wind calculation on the material, and do proper research on the quality of the roofing material itself.

Related Questions

What is the Best Material?

Duro-Last is the ideal commercial roofing solution that is safe for workers and the environment, waterproof, durable, and more fire resistant than traditional roofing systems. It’s proprietary thermoplastic formulation helps save on electric bills, improves insulation performance, and extends the life of your roof.

How Long Will My Roofing Last?

This depends on a lot of factors, but across the board most materials will get you at least a decade and as many as 40 years before you’ll need to do a re-roofing. This is by no means set in stone as weather, climate, natural events, and a whole slew of other factors play into this, but in general you can expect at least 20-30 years out of your new roof, most likely more.

There’s a lot of research to be done about your commercial roof before you commit to purchasing and installing one. Also ask your local pros if they have insight as you make your purchasing decision.

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