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What are the functions of a commercial roof? A commercial roof has the same purpose as a residential roof. That purpose is to protect what is beneath it from weather conditions and other harsh elements.

How does a commercial roof function? The way the building is structured determines what materials are used and how the roof functions. How the building will be used is the deciding factor for the materials needed. As well as how harsh is the environment and will there be a lot of foot traffic?

When it comes to commercial roofs, there are a variety of roofing systems involved. Two popular systems include:

  • The single-ply roofing system: this roofing system was created to perform as a solo layered project. Constructed with heavy-duty materials PVC, EDPM, and TPO. This commercial roof is strong and flexible, resisting weather damage such as cracking or peeling.
  •  Steep-Sloping system: a commercial roof with a steep-slope is 3-12 or greater. Steep slopes are mostly seen with residential buildings. However, hotels or universities often adopt the steep slope roofing system to accommodate the architecture of the building.

Materials Used for a Commercial Roof

The materials used for a commercial roofing project is decided by several factors. These factors should ensure the roof is weather-resistant and capable of efficiently decreasing the amount of runoff caused by storms. In addition, roofing materials should sufficiently reduce the cost of heating and cooling the building.

Best Commercial Roof Options

The primary objective of a commercial roof is the assurance the building is watertight and capable of maintaining dryness inside. The past 50 years have proven that commercial roofing systems are not simple and have shown a great deal of growth.

Related Questions

What does commercial roofing mean?

Commercial roofing is the term used to describe the material used to cement and protect the structure of a roof. Some of the options for commercial roofing are EPOM, TPC, and PVC.

How long will a commercial roof last?

If a commercial roof is taken care of and established properly it should last between 10 and 40 years. Based on the materials and other elements the life term of a commercial roof varies.

A commercial roof should be cost, as well as energy efficient. Typically, commercial roofs are flat; and a flat roof is designed to achieve both goals. Ensuring the right materials are used for your roofing project with assure a highly functioning commercial roof.

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