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Energy, environment, endurance, economics, and engineering are what make up the 5 E’s of Duro-Last’s high-performance roofing. Let’s take a closer look at each one of the 5 E’s and why it’s important.


High-performance roofing like those manufactured by Duro-Last is incredibly efficient at reducing costs in energy. Reducing energy consumption when using a highly reflective membrane on flat or low-pitched roofs can reduce the energy consumption of your commercial building by as much as 40%.

This works year-round with improved insulation performance reducing summer heat gain and heat losses in the winter months and even potentially reducing HVAC capacity requirements.


Duro-Last roofing helps minimize environmental impact in several ways. The manufacturing process to create Duro-Last roofing is a closed-loop system; this system recycles the scrap used in the production process, keeping the overall waste margin incredibly small.

The reduction in energy costs, as mentioned above, due to high reflectivity and emissivity lessen the effects known as urban heat islands and the related air pollution associated with these areas.

At the end of a Duro-Last roof’s life, it can be recycled and used for other products such as specialty flooring and other post-industrial applications, helping to reduce the impact on landfills.


Duro-Last has been producing high-quality commercial roofing since the 1970s, and many of those first roofs are still in service to this very day! That’s nearly 50 years.

Each roof is designed to be resistant to chemicals, fire, water, punctures, and grease, covering all of the bases in terms of damage. Not to mention standing up to everything mother nature can throw her way, like high winds and long-term temperature extremes.

Unlike other types of roofing that require regular maintenance, repairs, or patchwork, Duro-Last roofing is virtually maintenance free.


While other commercial roofing solutions may be cheaper than Duro-Last, the value needs to be considered in the long-term, with true costs measured throughout the entire life-cycle of the roof.

Duro-Last reduced the initial installation costs by constructing the roof membrane custom per order in-house before it even gets to the building. This reduction in cost doesn’t include the drastic reduction in energy costs every year after installation and the amount of money saved due to lower maintenance and repairs due to leaking or damage.

The standard warranty offered can also save you money in the rare event of any leaking and damages due to the result of the failure.


Each Duro-Last roof manufactured includes the exact measurements of your commercial roof and is designed to be a completely integrated roofing system. With the roofing fabricated in the factory before installation, Duro-Last can do 85% of the membrane sealing in a closed factory environment, ensuring a leak-proof membrane.

All edges, flashing, and stacks are also completed in-house before reaching your location, with the only minor seaming hot air welded on site.

This process keeps disruption to a bare minimum and incredibly fast to install. Installation is quiet, with no noxious fumes entering the workspace allowing employees or residents to carry on their regular routines.


The 5 E’s of commercial roofing feature everything you could ask for when it comes to a quality roof. And Duro-Last roofing excels at all five. The benefits of these five reasons will result in drastically decreasing costs across the board and keep your roofing needs worry-free for decades.

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