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Maintaining your Duro-Last commercial roof is crucial for extending the longevity of the roof linings lifespan, allowing it to last for decades. In this article we will give you some tips that you can use to get the most out of your Duro-Last roofing system.


Sealants over time are prone to cracking, pulling away from walls, and splitting. Duro-Last roofing uses the highest quality sealants available, but due to the incredible strains that can be put on the sealant areas over time this will break down the seals. It is important to examine all metal flashings, expansion joints, counter flashings, and pitch pockets. Be sure to replace and repair any fault sealants on your Duro-Last roof.


Your roof should have positive drainage to prevent the pooling of water. The weight of the considerable amounts of pooling water may damage or weaken the structural integrity of your roof and/or damage your Duro-Last roofing system. Drains must be kept clear of debris like leaves, beverage containers, or any other type of random debris or items that could clog your drains. Inspections for drainage clogs should be done at least every fall especially if your building is in an area with trees and leaves.


Common debris like leaves like we mentioned before should be removed from the roof. Along with leaves, snow is another major concern and should be either shoveled or pushed off of the roof with a push broom. Snow buildup can add considerable weight to your roof, and on warm days can melt and pool up, and should be regularly cleaned off during considerable snowing events throughout the winter months.

Washing also removes dirt from the membrane surface, allowing for easier inspection of the membranes integrity and reviewing the typical wear. Washing will also help by giving a cleaner appearance and help with solar reflectivity, aiding in energy efficiency.

Air Conditioning Units

Great care must be taken to ensure that all seals and drainage is functioning properly around the air conditioner and HVAC units. Check all elevation changes and areas of access to ensure seals are working properly. Any failure in seals and drainage can allow water and moisture to get into unwanted areas and create leakage from the roof into your building.

Scheduled Maintenance Inspections

A minimum of two thorough inspections should be made on your Duro-Last roof membrane yearly. The two inspections should be made in the spring after the winter to check for any damage, drainage blockages, or other negative effects on the membrane that may have occurred over the winter months, allowing for repairs to be scheduled during the summer months.

The second maintenance roof inspection should be made in the fall before winter arrives in full force. This is to ensure all seals are in good condition to prevent any snow or ice melt to leak into the structure.

Other maintenance inspections after severe weather events like thunderstorms, heavy and severe winds, hailstorms, or other events would also be a good idea to ensure your roof hasn’t succumbed to damage due to the elements.

For all inspections or concerns, it’s important for you to contact a Duro-Last contractor for a proper and thorough inspection if you have any concerns.


Inspecting and Maintaining your Duro-Last roofing membrane is of the utmost importance to ensure that your Duro-Last roof lasts for decades. Proper maintenance and inspection can actually exceed the estimated life of your roof membrane by years. Always be sure to contact a Duro-Last contractor for inspections of concerned areas or repairs of your roof to ensure the utmost in quality.

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