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Do you know about cool roofing? You should. It’s incredibly important to commercial roofing to keep roofs strong, safe, and energy efficient. The Duro-Last CoolZone system is designed to save in energy use and offer premiere reflective technology to keep your roof from holding in unwanted heat as the sun beats down. This happens through design, through install, and vigilant maintenance.

The Duro-Last system is designed to save you money, and there’s a lot to know about it.

You may be hemorrhaging wasted money in energy bills as your AC kicks on constantly to combat all the heat your roof absorbs and allows into your building. Duro-Last meets environmental standards to prevent wasted energy and wasted money through a sustainable, reflective roof system.

To give you a better idea of how the Duro-Last system can be of benefit to you, we’ve outlined the company’s 5 E’s.


Energy efficient roofs are just as important as any other energy efficient items you utilize in your life and business. This system can reduce a building’s energy consumption by 40%, improve insulation during the winter, preserve the efficiency of your rooftop AC units, reduce HVAC capacity requirements, and even decrease the effects you may feel from the urban heat island effect.


This roofing system is designed and installed for the sake of emphasizing the importance of using natural resources effectively and correctly. The roof reduces waste, is completely recyclable when it reaches the end of its life, is lightweight, requiring less fuel for transport, and can save you from wasting energy in your business through temperature regulation.


Few roofing systems will last as long as this one. It’s water, fire, and chemical resistance and even resistant to impact and punctures as well as damage from grease. It can withstand all types of weather and extremes in temperature on both sides of the spectrum. It’s backed by the industries best warranties for maintenance and repair and features top of the line building materials.


All roofing systems incur costs for installation and labor. But the Duro-Last system has the best economic value long term. The system has low maintenance costs throughout its lifetime, extra protections in the hardware from interior and exterior damage, best in class warranties to protect it, and you get the benefit of savings incurred through the energy benefits of the system.


The engineering behind this system is smart and top of the line. The engineering on this system is the key to its performance in energy and money saving. We have each system go through a rigorous test and inspection to ensure the material and system is up to our standards. Our hardware is precise

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What Makes This System Sustainable?

To be legally considered sustainable, a roofing system must meet the five E’s listed above for high-performance roofing. The Duro-Last CoolZone knocks it out of the park with the five E’s

Does This Add Value to My Property?

Yes! A high-performance roof system adds value and the energy saving it accrues for you as well as the structural integrity it saves by keeping heat and weather away is going to add value as well.

Get a DuroLast CoolZone roof for your commercial building today to start seeing the benefits for yourself!

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