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Seasons change and the needs of your building are going to change with it. Winterizing a commercial building is an extremely important step for any business for preparedness and safety during the winter months. There are some serious risks involved if you don’t properly winterize your commercial roof and you may be looking at an insurance case or even a lawsuit if you slack on this.

A Duro-Last roofing system can help you ensure the safety of your roof all winter long.

Damage or a disaster from a roof during the winter is completely avoidable. Winterizing your roof is an incredibly important part of maintenance for your commercial building. Even if your roof has weathered through winters before, roofs age and accumulate damage. So what your roof was able to withstand last year may not be the case this year. You need to be prepared for that.

Below are the some of the ways you can ensure the safety of your roof and the building it protects by taking steps to properly winterize.

Start with An Inspection

Ideally, you’ll be getting an inspection once a year to ensure your roof is up to code and safe. But it’s especially important to get an inspection before you start the winterizing process. Not only is the physical examination of your roof important, but the documentation of defects and reporting on its current status is crucial to long term decision making about your roof and what you need to do to keep it safe.

Know the Important Checkpoints

There are a couple places that are important to check during the inspection and during your winterizing process. Keep an eye on the gutters and make sure they’re completely cleared and undamaged. Make sure the caulking seals are appropriately functioning and don’t have damage. Keep an eye out everywhere for pest damage and places of weakness because of pests or wildlife rooting around.

Be Aware of Any Damage

Even the smallest cracks can turn into massive fissures during the winter. Ice and snow damage are no joke and the season can last a long time. If you notice any faults, take care of them immediately. Delaying can cause you to lose precious time in preventing damage or permanent issues when it comes to repairs. When it comes to damage on your commercial roof, measure twice and cut once.

Related Questions

How can Duro-Last help?

Duro-Last is a great repair option for older roofs that’s easy to install and doesn’t cost a fortune. You’ll get a new, sturdy surface to your roof just in time for winter without the hassle of ripping out the old one and installing something new.

Can I tar my roof in the winter?

If you utilize tar to protect your roof, you can apply it in temperatures as low as 40 degrees Fahrenheit though it will be less sturdy than if applied in the optimal, warmer temperatures.

Talk to your roofing professional about your options when it comes to Duro-Last and for winterizing needs!

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