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Congratulations! By purchasing Duro-Last, you’ve selected the ultimate leader in roofing technology. Duro-Last roofs are made from high-quality, long-lasting materials with easy installation to top it off. Now that your roof is installed, you’ll want to follow a few best-practices when it comes to maintenance.

So how can you make your Duro-Last roof…last?

Maintaining a functioning and durable roof is not only required for getting the most out of your purchase, it’s essential for the safety of everyone working or living underneath said roof. From scheduling an inspection to the aspects of your roof that actually require inspecting, we’re breaking down everything you need to know about keeping your roof in tip-top shape year-round.

Stay tuned to stay safe.

Maintenance Inspections

It may sound obvious, but when was the last time you remembered to schedule a physical check-up or annual dentist appointment? With all of life’s craziness, we often forget about our own health, not to mention the health of something as far removed from our daily lives as the roof over our heads.

It’s recommended you schedule at least two maintenance inspections every year, one during the spring season to inspect possible winter damage and one during the fall season to prepare your roof for the wintery challenges ahead. These inspections are especially important if you live in colder climates or areas with extreme weather conditions. Duro-Last roofs are built to last, but nothing is immune to the power (and humidity) of mother nature.

How can I ensure a proper inspection?

Make sure your authorized Duro-Last contractor is inspecting the entirety of your roof. Some red flags to look out for include roof deterioration, poor drainage, accumulated debris, and compromised building structure. Let’s walk through each element of a proper inspection.

Protect Sealants

Many think of sealants as shields, and rightly so! Sealant treatments prevent leaks and protect your Duro-Last from inclement weather year-round. However, like anything else, sealants require maintenance. Because they’re exposed to the harshest conditions, they must be inspected for cracks and deterioration. It’s important to check sealants regularly and replace them at the first sign of deterioration.

Check Building Structure

Your roof’s health isn’t limited to the roof itself. It’s important to inspect the interior and exterior building structures. General deterioration or water damage on either the interior or exterior of your home can cause harm to your roof or indicate roof damage.

In the same vein, because tie-ins connect different materials and are therefore frequently under stress, you should always ensure tie-ins aren’t cracked or splitting.

Clean & Drain

Drains should be cleaned of debris on every inspection. It’s also important to install a leaf gate on your drain to prevent leaves from clogging the drain pipes. Clogged drains often lead to waterlogged roofs and this extra water pressure can cause structural damage and, in severe cases, collapse.

You can also wash your roof to remove leaves and other debris. One tip for cleaning – avoid using solvent-based cleaners and harsh power washers.

Related Questions

How can I repair and maintain my Duro-Last roof safely?

Anytime anyone is working on an elevated surface, safety takes priority.

When there’s been inclement weather – rain, sleet, or snow – your roof may be in danger of collapse from water and ice buildup. If you suspect this to be the case, please evacuate everyone from the building before repairing your roof. The added weight of the repair person and movement on an already compromised surface can cause the roof to collapse.

Not to mention, if there has been moisture exposure (rain, snow, or sleet), Duro-Last roofs can become slippery. Please take the proper precautions to ensure that you don’t slip amidst inspection or repairs.

Finally, it’s important to shut off all electricity before beginning emergency roof repairs when you suspect an electrical hazard. Electrical hazards are no joke and the chances of an electrical fire or injury must be eliminated before you begin repairs.

Please contact OSHA and your local safety agency for more information and a complete list of guidelines.


With any purchase, everyone wants the most bang for their buck. With proper roof maintenance, you can make your Duro-Last roof last as long as it’s built to.

More questions on Duro-Last roofs and roof repairs? Contact us or consult your Owners Maintenance Checklist for even more information on maintenance best-practices.

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