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When you own a commercial real estate property, be it an office building, apartment complex or industrial space, investing in a new roof is a big decision. The upfront costs are substantial, and then you need to consider maintenance, repairs and how long the roof is likely to last.

In addition, will the new roof improve your energy costs? Will a new roofing system pay off?

Another factor that is harder to quantify is the disruption the installation of the roof may cause. Can work continue to be performed while the roof is under construction, or will office staff or industrial workers need to commence their business somewhere else? Also, there is the risk to other parts of the building and valuable equipment during installation.

All these factors contribute to the cost and benefits of the new roof. The question becomes how to maximize your roofing investment. You don’t want the new roof to simply be an expense that drops your equity like a stone. Rather, you want to purchase a roof that enhances the value of the property and hence your equity. If the new roof also reduces your monthly energy and maintenance costs, that’s even better.

Duro-Last roofing systems provide these equity enhancing and cost-cutting benefits by providing thermoplastic, single-ply membrane roofs that are prefabricated to spec at the factory. Even the edge and accessory details are embedded in the roof during fabrication.

As a result, your investment pays off because installation is faster, the roof is more durable, you face fewer problems down the road, the building’s energy costs are reduced and you have a guaranteed, no limit warranty.

Fast Installation

Imagine a faulty roof that must be replaced in a hurry. Could you imagine the chaos if the roof had to be ripped off and a new one installed while companies are trying to conduct their business? The process can be messy, noisy and create some pretty noxious odors.

Choosing a roof that is prefabricated at the factory saves all this trouble. The roof is built with seams that allow it to be put together quickly once it arrives at the building site. In addition, a single-ply membrane roof system can be installed on top of the existing roof, saving a massive amount of costly and disruptive demolition.


The durability of the chosen roofing system makes the difference between a temporary half-measure that results in higher costs later and a roof that enhances the quality of the property and its value. Duro-Last roofs, for example, typically last five to ten years longer than expected. In addition, they have superior resistance to fire, grease, wind, punctures and extreme temperatures.

Fewer Problems Down the Road

Nothing is worse than the need to shell out hard earned money on repairs because your roofing system lacks the strength to last under tough outdoor conditions. For example, leaks can cause property damage in addition to being costly to repair, resulting in added expenses. A Duro-Last roof is leak proof and maintenance free. That means fewer headaches, reduced maintenance costs and no emergency phone calls about water pouring into the building from above.

Lower Energy Costs

In all but the mildest climates, heating and air conditioning bills can go through the roof unless you install an energy efficient roofing system. Choosing a roof like Duro-Last reduces these substantial costs because they have the highest retained reflexivity available, resulting in natural climate control. In addition, an energy efficient roof qualifies for many tax breaks and other financial incentives.

A Guaranteed Warranty

You know a product is of high quality when the manufacturer stands behind it. After all, businesses need to make money and guaranteeing a poor performing product would be a financial disaster. Choosing a product with a long and comprehensive warranty tells you the quality is high and that you won’t be on the hook if you are the rare unlucky one who experiences a problem. Duro-Last roofing systems come with a 15-year unlimited warranty, giving you peace of mind.

Deciding about a roofing system gets a lot easier when you consider these five important factors. By choosing a quality manufacturer that stands behind its work, you protect your investment. A high-quality roof lowers energy- and maintenance costs, lasts longer than competitors’ products and is easy to install. By carefully choosing a roofing system with these characteristics, you can get a great return on your investment.

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