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Metal roofing has a lot of pros to it. It can be extremely durable and offer advanced protection against the elements. But nothing lasts forever, and nothing can withstand all types of dangers the natural world throws at it. Eventually, your metal roof is going to be in need of some repairs. You have a choice, you can pay for repair options that you’ll have to immediately repair again when it doesn’t last, or you can invest in a fix that’s going to last and keep your metal roof going for as long as possible.

Duro-Shield is a metal retrofit roofing system that provides many benefits, solving your commercial roof problems for the long-term.

There’s a lot out there. Spray-on sealant, foam insulation, and other options. But the Duro-Shield solution to your roofing problems will not only be effective quickly, it will last you far longer. This system is a membrane for your roof, to provide customized and extensive protection for your roof. It’s low in labor cost and customized to the exact fit and size of your roof.

Below are some of the common problems you’ll have with a metal roof during the years that Duro-Shield can help you solve.

Rust and Corrosion

Considering the nature of metal roofs, this is going to be the most common issue that will inevitably arise as time goes on. Moisture and steel don’t mix. And, depending on your climate, you’re looking at rain, snow fall, hail, and high humidity waiting in all seasons to do damage to your roof and prematurely age it. Eventually, if not handled, this rust and corrosion will lead to structural problems and gaping holes in your roof.

Faulty Seams

The steel in roofs is going to expand and contract in different types of weather throughout the year. The result is going to be popped seams as the adhesive breaks or is stretched as well as cracks along the material. This expansion and contraction can also loosen screws, sealants, and cause misalignment in roof placement. This eventually leads to structural problems as well as leaks.

Interior Drips

Roofs that are not properly fitted to a roof or sealed can lead to interior leaks, even when the weather is sunny and clear outside. When a roof has gaps in its placement, it can cause the warmer temperatures from indoors to condensate on the underside of the roof. The result is moisture build up that can begin to leak inside at any time.

Related Questions

How Is Duro-Last Installed?

The Duro-Shield roofing applies right over top of the metal deck. Insulation is placed to fill the gaps in the flutes. The next layer is placed to create a flat and even surface. Then mechanical fastenings affix the surface and any penetrations for stacks or other needs,

Will This Save Me Money?

The Duro-Shield system can save you money in your energy budget each year by offering proper insulation to keep your energy in the home and not escaping.

Don’t waste dollars on roofing systems and fixes that don’t offer long term solutions. Explore Duro-Shield and how it can help your aging metal roof.

The Duro-Last Roof System is among the world’s best roofing option. If you are looking for an experienced Duro-Last contractor, MacDermott Roofing is an Elite Master Contractor that can help your business with its roofing needs. For more than 40 years, we have been providing commercial roofing installation, replacement and repair throughout the Detroit metropolitan area and are leading experts of the Duro-Last Roofing System.

Save on your electric bills annually, improve insulation performance and extend the life of your roof by 75%. Call us for your Free Estimate!