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Over 60 billion square feet of metal roofing exists in the United States. Metal roofs are so popular with commercial building owners and builders because they provide cost-effective durability. However, even the best constructed metal roofing system cannot last forever. Repairs and replacement eventually become necessary.

Duro-Last’s Duro-Shield metal roofing membranes offer the most durable and cost- effective solution for repairing aging metal roofing.

Most Common Metal Roofing Challenges

Several challenges tend to affect metal roofing. Thankfully, several solutions exist to manage these problems and extend your metal roof’s lifespan.

Loose Seams and Cracks

Metal roofing installation requires panels be stitched together. As the temperature rises and falls, the roof expands and shrinks, putting pressure on the seams. Bolts loosen, allowing cracks to form and water to seep into the building.

Rust and Corrosion

Inevitably, metal rusts. Condensation, rain and snow, over time, corrode the roof, leaving it vulnerable to cracks and leaks.

Ice Buildup in the Gutters

Ice often becomes trapped in the gutters, preventing water from draining off the roof. The water pools, allowing it to cause rust, corrosion and cracks.

Interior Dripping

The cooler air on the outside of the roof panels meets the warmer air from the inside of the panels, resulting in condensation on the roof interior. This results in damaging interior drips.

Solutions to Metal Roof Difficulties

Several methods exist for fixing the above damage, but they produce varying results.

Sealing and Coating

This method provides a temporary solution. Contractors re-seal the broken seams and apply a water- proof coating. Sealing and coating keeps the rain out for a while, but, because the roof continues to expand and contract due to temperature fluctuations, the seams must break again, resulting in the need for more repairs.

Spray-on Foam and Sealant

The spray-on foam and sealant fix puts a stop to leaks. It also prevents interior dripping because the process resolves the temperature differential between the different sides of the roof panels. However, sealants also cause water ponding, which, over time, results in further roof damage. For this reason, most warranties exclude water ponding damage.

Metal Roofing Replacement

A brand-new metal roof will solve your water problems, at least until the new roof succumbs to the elements the same way as the old roof, resulting in the same predicament all over again. In addition, roof replacements are enormously expensive, so you may never see an adequate return on investment (ROI). Another issue with roofing replacements is they often interrupt business operations, costing even more in lost revenues. Because of this, most building owners want to avoid a roof replacement.

The Duro-Shield Metal Roof Membrane

A Duro-Shield metal roof membrane protects your building and your budget.

Rather than simply patching the roof, which results in the inevitable resurgence of the problem, the Duro-Shield membrane fits over your existing metal frame, saving on the cost of removing and replacing the entire roofing system. The membrane stops leaks, prevents continued cracking due to weather changes, makes ponding impossible and resolves the interior dripping issue. It also discourages ice buildup in the gutters.

Duro-Shield metal roof membranes are no one-size-fits-all solution. They are custom made at one of the the Duro-Shield factories. Because of this, the membrane is 85% constructed when it reaches the installation site. No demolition is needed, allowing business operations to continue uninterrupted.

Duro-Shield Membranes Save on Energy Costs

The emphasis on creating a green economy makes good business sense. Energy consumption is one of the largest expenses for commercial buildings. Duro-Shield membranes use white, reflective surfaces to repel the sun in hot weather and provide insulation in the winter. With lower energy costs and major savings compared to a roof replacement, Duro-Shield membranes offer top ROI.

Duro-Shield Membranes Warranties

How do you know if you are buying a quality product? If the manufacturer guarantees it.

Duro-Last believes so highly in its Duro-Shield membranes that it offers one of the best warranties in the business. Duro-Last customers receive a 15-year, no-dollar-limit warranties that cover all damage due to material defects with no exclusions for ponding.

Metal roofing provides great protection for your property, but it remains subject to wear and tear. To prevent reliance on half-measure repairs and expensive roof replacements, you need the Duro-Shield metal roofing membrane. It won’t just protect your building, it will also protect your bottom line.

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