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Membrane roofing systems offer many advantages over older flat roofing methods, such as asphalt or gravel. When asphalt or gravel are used to complete a roofing job, it is difficult to create a tight seal at seams and connection points. This leads to a leaky roof that may need expensive repairs.

Duro-Last’s PVC membranes fit over existing roofs and provide flawless sealing.

As a result, they are the top performing flat-roof solution on the market. Duro-Last offers many PVC roofing options, including the Duro-Tuff membrane. As its name implies, the Duro-Tuff membrane lasts longer than other roofing options and stands up to the worst mother nature has to offer.


One of the last things building owners want to contemplate is a roof replacement. New roofing is a huge capital expenditure, but once a roof is worn out, it becomes a hazard that must be addressed quickly. Duro-Last’s Duro-Tuff PVC membrane provides the durability building owners need to sleep easy. By installing a Duro-Last roofing system, you are assured that a roof replacement remains many years away.

The Best Scrim in the Business

Duro-Last uses a proprietary manufacturing process to knit tight scrims for its roofing systems. Duro-Last membranes have either an 18X14 or 18X19 threads per inch. Polyester plastic provides tear and puncture resistance. The Duro-Tough membrane offers superior water protection and stands up to harsh weather conditions.

Energy Efficiency

Today’s roofing systems need to be green. Commercial buildings are very high energy consumers and responsible for a large share of pollution. Duro-Last helps customers save on their energy bills and reduce their carbon footprints.

The Duro-Tuff membrane comes with a highly reflective surface that prevents hot air from entering the building through the roof, allowing for building owners to keep their interiors cool without breaking the bank.

The energy savings make Duro-Last’s Duro-Tuff membrane one of the most economical and environmentally friendly decisions a business owner can make.


Duro-Last’s commitment to green products doesn’t stop with energy efficiency. It also produces roofing systems that are fully recyclable once their useful life comes to an end. By providing recyclable materials, Duro-Last ensures its products don’t end up in a landfill. Duro-Last’s Duro-Tuff roofing system can be fully recycled, making it an environmentally conscious choice.

Light-Weight PVC Makes Most Roof Tear Offs Unnecessary

One of the reasons building owners dread the prospect of a roof replacement is the tear-off process. It’s expensive and it disrupts business. Often, it becomes impossible to keep operations flowing smoothly, resulting in business losses or upset tenants. Duro-Last solves this problem by offering light-weight PVC membrane roofing systems that can be applied over most existing roofs.

This provides building owners with the best of both worlds: A new, durable roof that is easily installed without causing any business downtime.

Ease of Installation

Because they are easily installed, Duro-Last roofing systems are one of the most popular options available. Duro-Tuff membranes can be installed mechanically or adhered.

In mechanical installation, the membrane is fastened to the roof deck and wall coverings. Alternatively, installers can adhere the membrane to properly prepared roof decks, walls, insulations and cover boards. Certified Duro-Last installers also use the Duro-Bond induction welding system, which reduces fasteners, speeds installation and prevents unwanted air intrusion.

Thicknesses to Match the Job

Duro-Tuff membranes come in 50-, 60- and 80 mil thicknesses, providing the variety needed to cover all types of commercial buildings.

Thinner membranes tend to work well on most flat or low-slope surfaces. They are the ideal “main street” products that work perfectly for small businesses. Hotels, shopping centers and warehouses also frequently use thinner membranes, as do many industrial properties, including manufacturing facilities and processing plants.

Thick membranes can be applied universally, though they are more popular for larger properties, such as schools, universities, hospitals and museums.

Warranties for Products That Last

Duro-Last products last, so the company can afford to offer extended warranty coverage. All Duro-Last products come with a 15-year warranty. In addition, DuroTuff customers can opt for the Duro-Last Supreme or Duro-Last Ultra warranties. These comprehensive warranties provide extensive coverage for wind and water damage.

Older flat-roofing methods pale in comparison to membrane roofing systems. By opting for a Duro-Last membrane, such as the Duro-Tuff option, you gain the tightest seal possible while saving money on installation costs. For building owners, a Duro-Last roofing system makes perfect business sense.

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