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Duro-last membranes are an excellent option to consider for Commercial Roofing and have many benefits and advantages over other types of roofing materials and methods. Let’s take a look at some of the features and advantages of using Duro-Last membranes and how it can help with your commercial roofing needs, from energy savings, long lifespan, ease of installation and more.

There are many reasons to choose a Duro-Last roofing system for your business.

Quick and Easy Installation

Having a Duro-Last membrane installed on your roof is less intrusive than other types of roofing work. Most of the work is prefabricated in a factory setting away from your building. When the membrane is installed it is normally done with no disruption to the activities inside. If you are a business, this method allows you to continue your work, saving you time and money.

When the roof goes on there is far less waste when compared to other roofing work, and often can be installed directly over existing roof materials. The noise is minimal and unlike tar or other roof building materials there are no obnoxious smells disrupting building occupants.

Durable Construction and Materials

Duro-Last Membranes can handle a wide range of Temperatures and are resistant to things such as chemicals, grease, punctures, High winds, and are also fire resistant. Unlike other roofing material types that require patching or repairing. Duro-last materials are constructed with 18×14 or 18×9 threads per inch, providing incredible tear and puncture resistance, as well as being treated to prevent wicking. Duro-Last membranes are essentially maintenance free, due to the materials used in its creation, this means less hassle for you and your business.

In most cases the weakest point in these types of roofing materials are the seamlines, Duro-Last membranes are manufactured before installation, ensuring a more durable and tighter seal. All curb flashings and stacks are also custom made before installation, making the installation time extremely quick with low amounts of labor.

Long Life Span and Long-Term Savings

Duro-Last membranes have been installed on buildings since 1978, and many of those membranes installed then are still in use today. It is not uncommon for Duro-Last roofing to outlast its life expectancy by 10 years or more depending on your location and other factors. The Duro-Last roofing solution has one of the highest retained reflectivity on the single ply market today according to the EPA’s Energy Star Roof Products Program. This is a major help in keeping cooling costs low and saving a lot of money in energy costs over its lifespan, these savings will really add up over the years.

Outstanding Quality

Due to the prefabrication processes used, the Quality in the custom manufacture of your Duro-Last membrane features outstanding quality. Not only is the material and manufacturing process of high quality, it’s guaranteed for up to 15 years at no cost to commercial customers and is a unique offer in the industry today. This warranty covers consequential damages for material defects and faulty installations and has no exclusions for ponding water. 20 years warranties may also be available.

What does this Mean for Building Owners?

● Faster installation with few to no disruptions
● Lowered energy costs in all climates, saving money long term
● Virtually maintenance free, no hassles or repairs
● Durable and with a life expectancy that can be surpassed up to 10 years
● Guaranteed Quality
● 15-year warranty covering consequential damages and defects


The reason to choose Duro-Last membranes for your commercial roofing over other types is clear. The added benefits, extremely low to no maintenance, ease of installing, warranty and other features simply outweigh other roofing types on the market. We hope these highlights that we discussed here help you come to a decision for your roofing needs and requirements.

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