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The benefits of metal roofing are sometimes overlooked. They include superior longevity, lower weight and top fire and weather protection. EXCEPTIONAL Metals roofing systems  are the best in the business, offering products that save on installation costs, provide a single source for all metal parts and a long-term, comprehensive warranty.

Interested in the benefits of EXCEPTIONAL Metals roofing systems? Here are the top 10.


EXCEPTIONAL Metals roofing systems last as long as the building itself. Because of this, homeowners, businessowners and governments can banish the risk of a ruinously expensive roof repair. Metal roofs last because they seal out water, stand up to high winds and shed snow. They are also impervious to fire, mildew, insects and rot. When you choose a roofing system from EXCEPTIONAL Metals, you ensure your roof lasts as long as the structure stands.


Most people don’t think about the weight of their roofs, but a lighter roof offers many advantages, including lower building costs. Tile weighs in at 750 pounds per 100 square feet and concrete tile comes in at a whopping 750 pounds per 100 square feet. EXCEPTIONAL Metals roofing materials weigh just 50 to 150 pounds per 100 square feet.

This difference in weight saves on engineering and building costs because the supporting structure must hold less weight. This often allows you to build a house or addition with less roof support members. In addition, metal roofing systems can be applied over an existing roof, saving the cost of tearing off the old roof and building additional structural supports.

Ease of Roofing Installation

EXCEPTIONAL Metals roofing systems come in multiple shingle sections that are prefabricated at our plant. These panels simply have to be locked together during installation, saving on labor costs and vastly reducing installation duration. If heavy weather is on the way, this can save you even more time and money.

Fire Resistance

EXCEPTIONAL Metals roofing systems give you peace of mind with a Class A fire rating, the best fire resistance ranking possible. Because the materials are noncombustible, you can rest easy when a lightning storm strikes. Even a direct hit won’t set the roof on fire. Metal roofs that are installed over combustible materials, such as wood shingles, have a slightly lower Class C fire rating because the wood is susceptible to combustibility in intense heat.

Heat Conduction

Want to save on summer electricity bills? A metal roof from EXCEPTIONAL Metals provides the way. Metal flooring reflects the radiant solar heat, so midday heat gain is minimized. This greatly reduces the burden on your HVAC system. Metal roofing insulation can also be increased by applying a rigid foam insulation that has a very high R-value. Also, a dead-air space can be created between the metal and roof deck to further increase energy efficiency.

Ability to Minimize Roof Pitch

EXCEPTIONAL Metals roofing systems need only a minimal pitch to prevent leakage. For example, a typical metal roof needs a pitch of just 3-in-12, or 3 inches per horizontal foot.

Moisture Shedding Capability

Rain and snow are no match for EXCEPTIONAL Metals roofing systems. The panel interlocking design makes them impervious to torrential thunderstorms and blizzards. In addition, the choice of dark tones encourages snow melting, making them ideal for cold climates.

A Single Source for Metals Accessories

Need edge extenders, snow diverters or pitch pans? When you work with EXCEPTIONAL Metals, we provide the roofing materials and accessories in one package. You never have to worry about acquiring special metal forming equipment, hiring skilled labor or storing a metal inventory. This saves time, money and aggravation.

Edge-to-Edge Warranty Protection

All EXCEPTIONAL Metals roofing systems are protected by an edge-to-edge warranty of up to 20 years. The edge-to-edge warranty covers leakage, finish and color. EXCEPTIONAL Metals provides an exceptional warranty because we know our products last.

Fast Turnaround and Guaranteed Delivery

Stock items are guaranteed to ship within 5 business days. EXCEPTIONAL Metals stocks Edge System metal products in stone white, slate grey, sierra tan, medium bronze and dark bronze. All other EXCEPTIONAL Metals products, including custom orders, ship within 10 business days.


EXCEPTIONAL Metals roofing systems provide unparalleled durability, reduce building costs, increase energy efficiency and provide superior fire and storm protection. In addition, they are convenient to install and come with a long-term warranty. Because of these benefits of EXCEPTIONAL Metals roofing systems, customers gain EXCECPTIONAL value.

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