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A Duro-Last roofing system is a system used to ensure the quality of the roof on a commercial building. When you want to replace or restore a flat roof the best way to do so is with this type of roofing system.

A key feature is that it’s a single-ply, reinforced thermoplastic membrane

This type of roofing system has a single-ply membrane. This membrane is built with the accuracy to meet all requirements of a building’s environment. This includes the details for the edge as well as accessories. Each section is convened attentively in the factory and then delivered to the site in which it will be installed.

As the owner of a building needing a roof restoration what does this mean to you? Below are five benefits of a Duro-last roofing system.

● An installation process that is less disrupting, and more rapid. There is not as much noise or mess as with typical roofing systems and no exposure to dangerous apparatus.

● This roofing system will be less susceptible to wind, fire, punctures, grease, chemicals and intense climate changes. A Duro-last roofing system is made with superior strength and longevity in mind.

● Over the long term, this type of roofing system will prove to be free of maintenance, and essentially free of leaks.

● A Duro-last roofing system costs less and conserves more energy than other roofing systems like it.

● Finally, the fifth benefit to a Duro-last roofing system is its warranty. However, due its high quality construction, you most likely will not need the warranty.

Less Issues Overall

When you choose a Duro-last roofing system there will be fewer issues as time goes by. The exactness of how this system is constructed ensures an overall longer life for the roof. Nearly 85% of the seams of a Duro-last roofing system is made in an environment controlled for quality. The membranes of this roofing system is made of thermoplastic, which allows for a watertight, durable product.


A final benefit of this roofing system is that it is made with flame retardants and materials that absorb the ultraviolet rays of the sun. The flexibility of the membranes allows for variations in temperature and all wind and fire codes are met. The cost of repairing a flat, commercial roof is very minimal. This lowered cost also decreases labor fees and therefore lowers the instances for mistakes during installation. This provides for a better overall roofing system product for the commercial building owner.

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